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Lathe Machine
Extra heavy duty high precision machines

A Lathe machine is a tool that rotates a work piece on its axis in order to perform various operations. Tools are applied to the work piece to create an object having a symmetrical axis of rotation in order to perform actions including cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling or deformation, facing and turning. Woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying/ parts reclamation and glass-working are common applications of lathe machines. A lathe machine can also be used to shape pottery as well. This is one reason why it is commonly known as the potter's wheel. Lathe Machines truly play a vital role in the industrial revolution in India as well as in the rest of the world. We provide the best quality Lathe machines that are not only easy for the user to operate but also act as a friendly companion of the environment.

  • Vikrant  Lathes are designed for the continuous light and heavy duty jobs and give prolonged efficient life. These are  made in simple, 3-speed gear box front side, 3-speed gear box semi Norton type front side, Norton type and geared types, possess exceedingly improved features, both in construction as well as in design. These lathes are suitable for use in most machine and repairs shops, technical and apprentice schools, instruction where economy of operation, accuracy and reliability are primary considerations.
  • Bed : It's deep wide and internally reinforced by a new and latest system of webs which enable it to take up heavy  thrust of tools without vibration and is made of close grained cast iron, mixed with salts to attain requisite  hardness & to prevent any possibility of distortion either horizontally or vertically.  It is V-Type and accurately hand scrapped.  A removable gap piece is fixed with 2 location pins for perfect alignment.   The bed consists of three vees.
  • The Leadscrew : is inch calibrated and is made of high resistant alloy steel,It has a large diameter and its thread has a very high degree of precision.
  • Head stock : The flat seat of head stock over bed is perfectly matched by precision hand scrapping. It s spindle is made from high carbon steel which rotates on two cylindrical precision split type gun metal bushes of Grade-I composition both at the front and at the back for  smooth running and perfect balancing and thrust of the spindle is taken by heavy duty thrust bearings.  The machines are also made by fitting Taper Roller Bearings in the head stock.
  • Tail Stock : It is strong, rigid and provided with set-over motion for taper turning.  Its quill is fairly thick and properly graduated.
  • The Apron : The Apron is of double wall design with automatic interlock to prevent simultaneous engagement of feed shaft and lead screw.  All gears and bearings including worm have suitable oiling arrangement.
  • Carriage : It is of robust design and provided with long carefully scrapped sliding surfaces. The swiveling  compound slide is accurately indexed for taper turning and has a four-way steelturret tool post.
  • Standard Equipment : Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest. Thread dial gauge, 2 M.T .Centre.   Over head counter shafts (with belt driven lathes only ) and a set of 22 change wheels